Kronenberg Freileitungsarmaturen GmbH in Leichlingen


  • 1900

Milestones in History

Julius KronenbergIn 1900, brothers Julius and Edmund founded a manufactory for the production of insulator pins and cross arms in Leichlingen, which is still our main campus. Within 10 years Julius and Edmund managed to grow production and increased their workforce from 10 to 200 employees.


  • 1920


Kronenberg Freileitungsarmaturen GmbHBy 1920, the productions site and the connected railway link were already expanded and modernized.


  • 1923

Kronenberg goes public

Kronenberg issued their initial public offering.

  • 1934

Further development

Complementary to the production of overhead transmission line accessories, a roll-forming section was added to the company.


  • 1953

Progressing development

ElektroarmaturenBesides the manufacturing of telegraph components, Kronenberg produces items for low- and medium- voltage and expands into one of the leading companies in the power supply and traffic sectors.


  • 1976

Expansion of product range of high voltage line accessories

Kronenberg takes over the business line of high-voltage accessories from Mannesmann Kronprinz and expands its portfolio. Today Kronenberg is one of the leading manufacturers for all ranges of overhead transmission line accessories in Germany.


  • 2001

Return to the Core Business

Several branches of the company were outsourced and founded as independent companies. Kronenberg Freileitungsarmaturen GmbH now focuses exclusively on the production of overhead transmission line accessories. Having returned to and focused on our roots is one of our primary strengths today. Due to this specialisation, we are able to satisfy customer requirements and wishes and provide customized solutions.