Kronenberg Freileitungsarmaturen GmbH in Leichlingen

Dynamic Load Shift Modelling

For the evaluation of existing insulator strings and the development of new, Kronenberg Freileitungsarmaturen GmbH runs a modelling facility which is used for dynamic load shift tests on a reduced scale.


Testing of the effect of the accessory designs after a break of tension and suspension stets.

Power lines of high-voltage overhead lines are connected by multiple insulator chains that run perpendicular to the overhead lines. These multiple insulator strings consist of at least two parallel insulator chains that are connected by yokes and carry the string. When one of these insulators breaks, the load that was carried equally by all of the chains must be transferred to the remaining chains. We initiate a testing sequence whereby the reamaining insulator chains are mechanically overstressed by bending and sudden shocks. Our goal is to develop the accessories in such a manner that the dynamic load shift can be controlled to counteract the stress placed on the accessories, and that the other insulators remain intact.